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I have had a lifelong love of classical music and I would like to share some of my favourites with you. Here you will find hundreds of pieces of classical music which I have sequenced over the years using Noteworthy Composer. UPdate - I am starting a YouTube channel where you will be able to see and hear the music without Noteworthy Compser. I have some music there now - search Malcolm Dale on YouTube. Also uploading some videos here if you don't want to or can't download Noteworthy. These are MP4s you can see if you click here

I am sorry to inform MAC users that Noteworthy does not currently support your system.

Now for the good news.To listen to the .NWC files, all you need to do is download NoteWorthy Player Noteworthy Player. (It's free!) This gives you the great advantage of being able to watch the music as it plays - you'll see what I mean when you try it. Or if you're a Winamp User, you can download the NoteWorthy Composer Winamp Plug-in Winamp Plugin. If you go one step further and download Noteworthy Composer (it's shareware) you can even tweak my music if you prefer it faster or slower or whatever. Just don't release it under my name please! If you simply must have .MP3's it's not hard to convert .NWC files to .WAV files by playing the music and recording it using Sound Blaster's Wave Studio or whatever recording software your sound card came with. Then you can convert the .WAV file to an .MP3 file using Blade Encoder (that's free too).

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Mozart Piano Sonatas
Chopin Piano Sonatas
Chopin 24 Preludes, Op.28
Carl Czerny
Chopin Scherzos
Chopin Etudes
Gabriel Faure
Sergei Rachmaninov
Anton Reicha 36 Fugues
Mendelssohn - Songs without Words (Complete)
Robert Schumann
Aleksander Scriabin
Piotr Tchaikovsky
Mendelssohn Six Preludes and Fugues Op. 35
Modest Moussorgski
Aleksandr Flyarkovsky
Franz Liszt
Miscellaneous Classics

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