Anton Reicha (1770-1836)

36 Fugues Op.36

Sequenced by Malcolm Dale using Noteworthy

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Please note all these files are in .NWC format. To listen to them you will need Noteworthy Player available free from

(Those marked with a * are my personal favourites)


No. 1 (allegro)
No. 2 (allegro)
No. 3 (molto mooderato - after a theme of Haydn)
No. 4 (allegro moderato)
No. 5 (allegretto - after a theme of J.S.Bach)
No. 6 (allegro moderato)
No. 7 (allegro - after a theme of Mozart)
No. 8 (allegetto -Cercle Harmonique )
No. 9 (moderato - after a theme of Scarlatti )
No.10 (Allegro maestoso )
No.11 (Allegro moderato )
No.12 *(Allegretto )
No.13 (Allegro moderato )
No.14 (Maestoso-presto (ma non troppo) - after a theme of G.Frescobaldi)
No.16 (Andante un poco allegretto)
No.17 (allegro)
No.20*(Allegretto - in 5/8 time)
No.22*(Allegretto )
No.23 (allegro)
No.29 (allegro moderato)
No.31 (allegro moderato)
No.32 (poco lento)
No.33 (Allegro )
No.35 (Allegro )