Noteworthy Composer


These files are NOT designed to be printed or played. The limitations of Noteworthy force me to use different ways of achieving the sound I want. You may notice that some of the music appears on three staves, whereas it was obviously written for two hands. But, to take an example, where the thumb and index finger of the right hand are playing staccato while the other fingers are playing legato, as in Chopin's Etude Op. 10 No. 2, Noteworthy does not permit this so I had to use an extra stave.

Another problem was quintuplets, where five notes have to be played in the time of four. Noteworthy has no facility for this, although it does have for triplets. I have to cheat and put a triplet in the middle of the five notes, and then speed up the two untripleted notes and slow down the triplet so the five notes all play at the same speed.

Here is a bug I have noticed. If you start playing a piece of music and then stop it in the middle for some reason and the pedal happened to be on at the time, the next piece will have the pedal on and will not sound right. The only way I can think of to eliminate this is to go through every single piece and insert a pedal off (it looks like an asterisk) at the start of every piece. Then I'll have to upload all the music again. If it does happen to you, I think you will be able to stop the new piece and press the "stop" button about 4 times to turn off the pedal.


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