Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847)

Songs Without Words

Sequenced by Malcolm Dale using Noteworthy

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Please note all these files are in .NWC format. To listen to them you will need Noteworthy Player available free from http://www.ntworthy.com

Heartfelt thanks to the Harpers of Salinas, California, who donated this book in 1996. Sorry I took so long!


  1. Op.19 No.1 Sweet remembrance
  2. Op.19 No.2 Regrets
  3. Op.19 No.3 Hunting Song
  4. Op.19 No.4 Confidence
  5. Op.19 No.5 Restlessness
  6. Op.19 No.6 Venetian Boat Song
  7. Op.30 No.1 Contemplation
  8. Op.30 No.2 Unrest
  9. Op.30 No.3 Consolation
  10. Op.30 No.4 The Wanderer
  11. Op.30 No.5 The Brook
  12. Op.30 No.6 Venetian Boat Song
  13. Op.38 No.1 The Evening Star
  14. Op.38 No.2 Lost Happiness
  15. Op.38 No.3 The Poet's Harp
  16. Op.38 No.4 Hope
  17. Op.38 No.5 Passion
  18. Op.38 No.6 Duet
  19. Op.53 No.1 On the Seashore
  20. Op.53 No.2 Clouds
  21. Op.53 No.3 Agitation
  22. Op.53 No.4 Sadness of Soul
  23. Op.53 No.5 Folk Song
  24. Op.53 No.6 Flight
  25. Op.62 No.1 May Breezes
  26. Op.62 No.2 The Departure
  27. Op.62 No.3 Funeral March
  28. Op.62 No.4 Morning Song
  29. Op.62 No.5 Venetian Boat Song
  30. Op.62 No.6 Spring Song
  31. Op.67 No.1 Meditation
  32. Op.67 No.2 Lost Illusions
  33. Op.67 No.3 Song of the Pilgrim
  34. Op.67 No.4 Spinning Song
  35. Op.67 No.5 The Shepherd's Complaint
  36. Op.67 No.6 Lullaby
  37. Op.85 No.1 Reverie
  38. Op.85 No.2 Adieu
  39. Op.85 No.3 Delirium
  40. Op.85 No.4 Elegy
  41. Op.85 No.5 The Return
  42. Op.85 No.6 Song of the Traveler
  43. Op.102 No.1 Homeless
  44. Op.102 No.2 Retrospection
  45. Op.102 No.3 Tarantella
  46. Op.102 No.4 Sighing Wind
  47. Op.102 No.5 Happiness
  48. Op.102 No.6 Faith