Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

Music Sequenced by Malcolm Dale using Noteworthy


Please note all these files are in .NWC format. To listen to them you will need NoteWorthy Player Noteworthy Player - it's FREE.

This music was all sequenced using the Roland VSC 3.0 Option from a Roland Virtual Sound card. It might sound very different with your sound card and your speakers. Good speakers will make a big difference to the sound quality. If you only have a 16 bit Sound Card the music will sound awful. Please get a new sound card and hear the difference.


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Piano Concerto Op.54
1st Movement
2nd and 3rd Movements


Kinderszene (Scenes from Child hood)
No 1. (Foreign lands and people)
No 2. (Curious story)
No 3. (Blind man's buff)
No 4. (Pleading child)
No 5. (Happy enough)
No 6. (Important occasion)
No 7. (Reverie)
No 8. (By the fireside)
No 9. ( Rocking-horse rider)
No 10. (Almost too serious)
No 11. (Scaring)
No 12. (Baby going to sleep)
No 13. (The poet speaks)


Fantasiestuecke (Fantasy pieces) Op.12
No 1. (Des Abends (Of the Evenings)
No 3. Warum? (Why?)