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If you like what I am doing here, there are several ways you can help.If you don't like it, I'll be pleased to hear from you with constructive criticism.

I have checked these pieces very carefully, but mistakes will happen and if you notice one please let me know. Much of the music I have never heard.I just get the score and if the indication is allegro (fast) I have to guess how fast. The expression is hardly indicated at all. If you're a musician and know that something is wrong, please tell me.

You can let your friends know about the site - or link to me.

All the music in these pages is free for you to download and enjoy, but it does cost me quite a bit to maintain this site, not to mention all the hard work that goes into sequencing the music. Notice there are no adverts or banners.

I live in Belize, a third world country. Internet connection is expensive, slow and unreliable so it costs me a lot to upload all the music - that's why it's in .NWC format and not .MID or .MP3.

You could even send me a cheque (no cash please!) I think $10 would be reasonable. My snail mail address is

Malcolm Dale, 84,Commerce Street, Dangriga, Belize, Central America.


Whatever your choice, thank you for visiting and come back soon as there is a lot more music to add.
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